South Florida Sun Sentinel

"Our critics' picks for events not to be missed" Magda Hiller Trio: With her bluesy vocals, accomplished guitar picking, deft songwriting and just plain endearing stage presence, Magda Hiller captivated South Florida fans for more than a decade. ...unique songcraft on jazzy, humorous and often poignant original tunes...

Vintage Guitar Magazine

...the Florida based chanteuse has a style that delves into all sorts of musical territory and influences....a percussive, wrist-heavy guitar style...endearing AND professional....

City Link

...rhythmic whup-ass...soul-baring, image laden poetry.... slide guitar blues, swingy jazz and shameless vocal mugging...

The Ottawa Sun

Singers crank up the wattage during folk festival blackout.... ****1/2 rating out of 5 'Crowd Pleasing!' Odetta, Garnet Rogers, Magda Hiller.

Free Press

She's a guitarist whose creativity and talent defy stereotype. Her lyrics are as compelling as her musicianship.

Miami New Times

Best Singer-Songwriter to Leave Town in the Past Twelve Months ...Magda Hiller and her guitar brought shivers of delight, chills of pathos, and seamlessly raucous folk music diverse in form and consistent in quality.

The Herald

You can't easily forget her brand of music: folksy, jazzy, bluesy. Distinct, very distinct. incredibly talented musician, singer and songwriter... I love her lyrics.

City Link

Hiller's deceptively complex guitar playing includes occasional alternate guitar tunings and slide work, resulting in a hybrid style....

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