Icing on the Cake

by Magda Hiller

Released 2006
Little Silver Records
Released 2006
Little Silver Records
Storytelling songs with a folk-pop, jazz-blues, country-folk backdrop. You WILL laugh and you WILL cry but most of all you'll be left feeling good.
The February 2006 release from acclaimed Florida singer/songwriter Magda Hiller is indeed the icing on the cake. Produced by Jack Shawde who has performed, recorded or toured with Bob Dylan, Paul Butterfield, Dr. John, Richie Havens, Stan Lynch (Tom Petty), Al Cooper (Blood Sweat & Tears), Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. Superbly recorded in some very bizarre situations by Mark Thompson of Providence Road Remote Recording and Sound.

'Icing on the Cake' takes the listener through small town Florida, relationships, death, chickens, cockney rhyme & slang ('Dog 'n' Bone'-phone), a hurricane, the plusses of having a father and stepfather and mindlessness. With music ranging from folk-pop to fingerstyle to jazz, blues and country-folk, with 'icing' from Jack Shawde-guitars, Diane Ward-drums and backing vocals, Debbie Duke-bass and Matt Schuler-trumpet. 'Icing on the Cake' is by far Hiller's best effort to date.

This Little Silver Records (indie) 15 song cd is a sure thing for the fan of the acoustic, well produced, intelligent singer/songwriter.
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