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by Magda Hiller

Released 1994
Little Silver Records
Released 1994
Little Silver Records
Solo live acoustic jazzy, bluesy, country-ee, blue humor & tear-jerking...listen to how divorce can be turned into a very humorous tune (Dates & Muffins).
This first 1994 release from Florida singer/songwriter Magda Hiller was the launch pad for her now multi award winning career. The songs range in style from the acoustic, jazz influenced, quirky 'Not Consciously Baby' to the front porch blues sounding slide of 'Lazy Dog' to the sweetness and
finger style flow of 'Is You' . If you like a cd that sounds like the solo artist you heard in concert and don't want the overdubs, this live studio recording is a great candidate. Hiller's vocals run the gamut from sugared coy tease to back-in-the-alley down home growls to loopy scat filled vamps.
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